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Books | Horror/supernatural
Apocalypse - Cape Breton Island -
An unlikely hero on a journey through a post-apocalyptic canadian wasteland, decimated by a viral epidemic.
  Nov 12, 2017, Canada
Posted by senczyszak on Nov 24, 2017
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Books | Fiction, Humor, Drama
The Shoeman Curse -
The shoeman curse details the tribulations of middle-aged dusty shoeman. Dusty is a family man living in chaos—stemming from teenagers, pretentious neighbors, a semi-hostile marriage, and bothersome coworkers. He closet-writes his way to sanity.
  Sep 21, 2017, Canada
Posted by chrisamackinnon on Sep 27, 2017
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Books | Fantasy Ebook
The Vanathian Chronicles: By Way of Sight -
In a world deeply rooted in ancient myths and legends, of honored champions and nefarious villains, with technological marvels and wonderous spell crafts, a child's journey begins.
  From sept 4th - 8th the vanathian chronicles: by way of sight (book 1) is available for free download on amazon.  -  starts Sep 04, 2017; ends Sep 08, 2017, Canada
Posted by authorcjbrown on Sep 05, 2017
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Books | Science Fiction Short Stories
The Nexus and Other Stories -
Aliens, ghosts, the paranormal, a glimpse at a possible future…
one book, thirteen stories.
In the nexus and other stories, science fiction author elise abram explores the myths of the modern world.
  Now only $0.99!  -  starts Aug 01, 2017; ends Aug 31, 2017, Canada
Posted by elise abram on Aug 03, 2017
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Books | Print Book Giveaway No Purchase Or Payment Require
As Tears Go By -
This intense novel is an eye-opener to the treatment of aboriginal children who have become lost in the system.
  Print book giveaway no purchase or payment required to enter or win. This intense novel is an eye-opener to the treatment of aboriginal children who have become lost in the system.  -  starts Dec 28, 2016; ends Jan 28, 2017, Canada
Posted by rosiechristie on Jan 02, 2017
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Books | Health
Sugarless Christmas -
Sugarless christmas is book about healthy desserts and not feeling guilty after holidays. Readers will learn how to prepare healthy desserts in no time.
  Dec 2016, Canada
  This book is perfect for everyone who try to avoid sugar and eat healthier. It's suitable for diabetics and vegans. Every recipe in book is writen also in vegan version. You can find recipes like home-made ferrero, white and dark chocolate...  -  starts Dec 14, 2016; ends Dec 16, 2016, Canada
Posted by Kim on Dec 19, 2016
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Books | Medieval Fiction
The Assassination Of Lord Redmand -
The the hero black blade pays a visit to castle ...
  Free!  -  starts Aug 18, 2016; ends Aug 20, 2016, Canada
Posted by RJ Eveland on Aug 18, 2016
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Books | Medieval Fiction
The Siege Of Wellimgale -
The infamous trebuchet great bertha is being assembled in the scorched farmlands and many worry for the fate of wellimgale city. In this thrilling, quick-paced tale of strategy and wit, love and hate, monstrous twists and deadly turns, you ...
  Free!  -  starts Aug 18, 2016; ends Aug 20, 2016, Canada
Posted by RJ Eveland on Aug 17, 2016
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Books | True Crime
Anyone's Daughter: Amanda Todd, Bullying, Anonymous And The Dark Side Of The Internet -
You know the story, now learn the truth. Amanda todd was an ordinary canadian girl who made the mistake of flashing online. An online predator captured the image and used it to blackmail her, leading to her suicide.
  Apr 2016, Canada
Posted by Meager Press on Jun 15, 2016
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Books | Fantasy
Kingdoms Fall Volume Iii Fire And Brimstone Part One -
The second novel of joseph pryce's fantasy series - kingdoms falls -. Follow the adventures of the first wolders and the volgags battling one another for the planet's dominion!
  Dec 16, 2015, Canada
Posted by blakshot on Jan 12, 2016
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Books | Christian Life
Meekoethics: What Happens When Life Gets Messy And The Rules Aren't Enough? -
What is ethics? What makes christian ethics different from, or the same as, any other worldview? Is the christian worldview still relevant in our post-christian society? What happens when life gets messy and the rules aren't enough?
  $14.95 plus shipping and handling direct from the author.  -  starts Nov 10, 2015; ends Dec 08, 2015, Canada
Posted by Lauren Sheil on Nov 11, 2015
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Books | Romance
The Chronicles Of Elizabeth Highland: Life, Love, Soul... Mate -
A hilarious tale of awakening consciousness, a love story that transcends the twists and turns of life. Somehow fate and destiny bring two lifelong friends together in an uncanny spiritual journey.
  Nov 19, 2013, Canada
Posted by elizabethhighland on Apr 22, 2015
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Books | Religion; Economics; Personal Finance
Meekonomics: How To Inherit The Earth And Live Life To The Fullest In God's Economy -
This book is a call to live and steward creation the way God intended. Not as a ruler OR caretaker but as both a ruler AND a caretaker.

The book is a journey through the ancient scriptures and the history of economics to find out how.
  Jun 01, 2014, Canada
Posted by Lauren Sheil on Mar 21, 2015
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Movies | Entertainment
Follow Your Heart -
Darren is a 28 year old fantasy writer and has just become an overnight success! As he celebrates with his friends he starts to think about his lost love Lisa, and tells the story of how they met, fell in love, and got separated!
  Aug 20, 2015, Canada
Posted by Steve Merlo on Mar 02, 2015
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Books | Memoirs Of A Foster Child
I Saw You, From A Distance
This is the story of my life, and how I traverse through the Canadian Foster care system, then through life as an adopted child, in an abusive household.
  Dec 15, 2014, Canada
Posted by alexander desmarais on Feb 08, 2015
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