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Books | Paranormal Romance
The Matebook -
Living in a werewolf controlled community is tough enough... But then everyone s rounded up for photographs.
As the confusion wears off... The disappearances set in. Follow jamie as she figures out what is going on, and what the heck a mate ...
  2.99  -  starts Apr 26, 2017; ends May 26, 2017, USA
Posted by kgatto on Apr 29, 2017
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Books | Relationship
Learning To Love Again -
Atlanta-based writer and entrepreneur jameel muhammad, after years of counseling his community of readers on affairs of the heart, now compiles his lessons of love, edemption, and spirituality for a wider audience.
  Learning to love again - by jameel muhammad special $2.99 ebook  -  starts Apr 27, 2017; ends Dec 31, 2017, USA
Posted by Jameel on Apr 29, 2017
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Books | What Would You Do If You Could Access Your Past Li
The 13 Reincarnations of Luke Arthur -
The mind-wipe lasted only five years before luke arthur’s disturbed childhood memories of past lives came flooding back. As more of his ancestor’s lives returned to him, a voice cajoled him to go further... And that’s when the trouble started.
  Free  -  starts Apr 28, 2017; ends Apr 30, 2017, USA
Posted by Cliveo on Apr 29, 2017
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Books | Christian Memoir
Upward Falling -
Forced out of his career, a nasa whistleblower learns to rely on god to support his family and seek his will for his life. Read this compelling memoir of a man who abandons his worldly false securities to live for god.
  The launch price for this book will be 99 cents on may 9, 2017.  -  starts May 09, 2017; ends May 09, 2017, USA
Posted by Kevinfallsupward on Apr 28, 2017
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Books | Paranormal Romance
Is My Mate A Robot? -
Being mated to a human is hard enough, but one who can't feel anything at all is impossible.
Trey and hannah are meant to be, but convincing her of it may be the difficult thing he's
ever done. Throw in a rogue ex-boyfriend and things get ....
  2.99  -  starts Apr 26, 2017; ends May 26, 2017, USA
Posted by kgatto on Apr 27, 2017
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Books | Adult Literary Science Fiction
Rarity from the Hollow -
An adult literary science fiction novel filled with tragedy, comedy, and satire. Double gold medal winner.
  The ebook version of rarity from the hollow is now available for $2.99, a $5.00 discount compared to its regular price.  -  starts Apr 25, 2017; ends May 25, 2017, USA
Posted by Robert Eggleton on Apr 27, 2017
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Books | Anthropomorphic (furry)
Forged Bonds -
A gay based tale of love and hate as nikki meets the male of his dreams but soon finds himself at the center of evil's angry eye. Will the young fox be able to survive against a killer?
  I will be presenting forged bonds at fur'themore this year and i will be giving out a special gift for every copy purchased.  -  starts Apr 28, 2017; ends Apr 30, 2017, USA
Posted by Lucifurwolf on Apr 27, 2017
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Books | Mindful Being Course Booklikes Giveaway Start: 20
Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course -
Alchemy of love course mindful being is a 12 modules mindfulness training course full of spiritual transformation tools. Explore 100s of mindfulness exercises that are designed to help the explorer live the highest potential. Mindful being ...
  Mindful being course nataša pantovi? Nuit isbn: 9789995754082 language: english categories:self-help, religion & spiritual, psychological 10 free copies of mindful being towards mindful living, a 12 modules mindfulness training course.  -  starts Apr 27, 2017; ends May 12, 2017, USA
Posted by Nataša Nuit Pantovi? on Apr 25, 2017
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Books | Paranormal Crime Fiction Thriller
Child of Paradise (Listen to your Dreams) -
This story is a journey of corporate ambition, greed, lust and betrayal - a paranormal crime novel that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and family drama while at the same ...
  Apr 08, 2017, USA
Posted by kaloni on Apr 25, 2017
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Books | World War 1 Family Story.
The Family That Went to War -
In1914 australia joined england and declared war on germany and it's allies.
In the small new south wales town of cootamundra 6 young australians, all from the same family, individually joined the fight. Only 3 ...
  Price reduced for anzac day commemoration from aud$3.99 to aud$0.99  -  starts Apr 16, 2017; ends Apr 25, 2017, Australia
Posted by gordontraffic on Apr 21, 2017
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Books | Poetry
laundry -
A collection of poetry, prose, and essays, touching on triumph and tragedy, overcoming one's own demons, abuse, as well as the bittersweetness of first love and first loss.
As with dirty clothes, humans themselves are given the chance to ...
  $13 for a 146 page modern poetry collection  -  starts Apr 24, 2017; ends Apr 28, 2017, USA
Posted by vanessafrances on Apr 21, 2017
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Books | Young Adult Dystopian
Sky Dancers: Eternal Apocalypse, Book 1 -
Running from her problems, elle seeks freedom in the plague-ravaged wasteland outside her doomsday bunker, but discovers the true threat to her people, and her own future, lies coiled inside the dark tunnels she left behind.
  Release week pricing for this young adult dystopian ebook of .99 on amazon.  -  starts May 15, 2017; ends May 19, 2017, USA
Posted by eeisherwood on Apr 21, 2017
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Books | Post Apocalyptic
Ebb Tide -
Imagine the world ended while you were at sea. A two week blue water passage becomes a journey into an unknown future when a virulent plague wipes out humanity. Where would you go? How would you survive?
And what would happen to your children?
  Ebb tide - only 99c!  -  starts Apr 15, 2017; ends Apr 30, 2017, USA
Posted by jasekovacs on Apr 17, 2017
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Books | Vampire Comedy
Language in the Blood -
Do you love vampires and a quirky comedy? Free on amazon. Here are some of the reviews: 5* “not your typical vampire story. It's well written, funny, enthralling, and entertaining.”5* this literally had me rolling about on the floor.
  Free ebook  -  starts Apr 22, 2017; ends Apr 25, 2017, USA
Posted by Angela Lockwood on Apr 17, 2017
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Books | Horror
Skeleton in the Closet and Other Scary Stories -
If you like tales that will chill you to the bone, make your skin crawl, and spoil your appetite, skeleton in the closet and other scary stories is the collection of horror stories for you. Twenty-three tales of terror with illustrations.
  Free e-book. Usually $9.99. A collection of twenty-three scary stories for kids and young adults, with creepy illustrations for each  -  starts Apr 13, 2017; ends Apr 17, 2017, USA
Posted by RussellDorn on Apr 14, 2017
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Books | Romantic Comedy
Fat Girl Begone! -
What happens when a supposed fat girl joins a gym and finds herself being wooed by three men?
  Regular price is $2.49. On sale upon release for only 99 cents!  -  starts May 01, 2017; ends May 05, 2017, USA
Posted by DEHaggerty on Apr 14, 2017
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