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Books | Poetry
“archived heart speaks” is my notion of life, the way i see it, the way i feel it.
May it be the unconditional love of a mother ,
or the dreams, a father has seen for his ...
  Archived heart speaks  -  starts Nov 15, 2017; ends Nov 20, 2017, India
Posted by suraj prakash behera on Nov 20, 2017
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Books | Fiction
The Mysterious wind -
The mysterious wind is a romantic suspence love story based on two people amit and ananya .The wind play an important role in this ...
  Oct 2017, India
  The mysterious wind is available for free on debut deal .You can download it for free from the given link. Https://www.Amazon.In/mysterious-wind-amit-tiwari-ebook/dp/b076h1j813  -  starts Nov 08, 2017; ends Nov 10, 2017, India
Posted by Amit Tiwari on Nov 10, 2017
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Books | Love Poems
Her Cryptic Love -
Her cryptic love is a collection of new and beloved poems from ashu,the young writer who has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of avid readers on her facebook and instagram account @her cryptic ...
  Not even at a cost of coffee!!Grab your copies at a discounted price of 49 only!!!!  -  starts Sep 07, 2017; ends Sep 30, 2017, India
Posted by Ashu Kawatra on Sep 14, 2017
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Books | A Novel Collection Of Short Stories And Poems
My Poetic Journey - A Travel In Solitude
Experience the nostalgia of college days, reunion, friendship and love with a collection of short stories & poems. Explore the story and journey from questioning oneself to challenging the tradition itself.
  Sep 19, 2016, India
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Posted by AuthorAnkaj on Jan 17, 2017
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Books | Love Iit And Kota
Ishq In Kota -
It's a book based on story if an iit aspirant who met his soulmate in kota while preparation for jee advanced. Kota the land of education but for him it also became the land where he found a true love. The book is written by an iitian.
  Nov 25, 2016, India
Posted by shivam on Dec 30, 2016
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Books | Mini Novel
72 Hours On The Call -
City's most popular multi-specialty hospital - a young pediatric post graduate resident on her first 72 hour on-call duty, coping up with emergencies in pediatric icu, a medico-legal case, an earthquake and a marriage alliance! She is ...
  Nov 30, 2016, India
  72 hours on the call is about a young pediatric post graduate resident on her first 72 hour on-call duty. India
Posted by Satish on Dec 23, 2016
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Books | Romantic Novel
Novel -
This story is the journey of a young man amit, discovering himself in different aspects of existence. His dilemmas and conflicts have been depicted. How his over ambitious nature turns his life into a living nightmare is harrowing. Amit an ...
  A unique love story  -  starts Oct 20, 2016; ends Jan 15, 2017, India
Posted by Iram Fatima 'Ashi' on Oct 22, 2016
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Books | Effective Techniques For English Speaking
How I Learnt To Speak In English? -
A true story as well as techniques and notes of someone who was rejected in her first job because of not being able to communicate in english fluently. Learn how she was appointed as a communication trainer in the same organization.
  Jun 26, 2016, India
Posted by Neetu on Jul 02, 2016
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Books | Sceince Fiction
One Day Inside A Black Hole -
What if one day you get to know that the sun is turning into a black hole?
Entire solar system collapsing and earth being sucked towards its end?
At nasa everyone is trying to find a way out to save earth from falling into the black hole.
  Free for 3 days on kindle  -  starts Jun 13, 2016; ends Jun 15, 2016, India
Posted by upma on Jun 13, 2016
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Books | Contemporary Fiction
The Crooked Road -
Sahil, a fresh mba graduate, lands in the sleepy town of kakinada near coastal andhra to pursue a career in finance. Like all mbas, high on confidence, he dreams of a free run up the corporate ladder to the epitome of success. Reality strikes soon.
  Kindle countdown deal - get exclusive discount on the book  -  starts May 27, 2016; ends May 29, 2016, India
Posted by Anay Agarwal on May 20, 2016
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Books | Experience Of My Life
Rise In The Middle -
Amazing story in ...
  Its free  -  starts Apr 16, 2016; ends Apr 20, 2016, India
Posted by Dhriti on Apr 15, 2016
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The Slip Of Me -
  Mar 10, 2016, India
  Order your copy of the slip of me  -  starts Mar 22, 2016; ends Aug 31, 2016, India
Posted by akhandsi on Mar 23, 2016
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Books | Fiction
I Wanted It To Be You -
Everyone has a dream love. You wait but it comes to nothing. When you feel, love was never made for you, someone else walks in your life, you feel that she is the right one for you, your dream love knocks your door. What do you do ...
  Feb 25, 2016, India
Posted by kalpa on Mar 10, 2016
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Books | Fiction
Just Once -
The story is a pristine sketch of a love which rides through every darkening of late and the azures of the bright.
  Aug 23, 2015, India
Posted by Prachi on Jan 22, 2016
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Books | Fantasy
When Love Grew Wings -
The story is set in an era when birds ruled the earth.
Spayara is a small-town sparrow who lost her father in a storm and moved in with her host in another kingdom. Sarpajit is an eagle and the prince of meghan, the kingdom of eagles.
  A motivational and mind-changing story that makes you thinks differently.  -  starts Dec 02, 2015; ends Dec 09, 2015, India
Posted by Gajanan Mundkar on Nov 30, 2015
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Books | Poetry
  Feb 17, 2015, India
Posted by Koyel on Feb 17, 2015
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