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Books | Humorous Fantasy
The Rose Thief -
Ned spinks, chief thief-catcher, must solve the theft of the emperor's roses before love is lost, forever. What could possibly go wrong?
  Nov 10, 2017, UK
Posted by Grasshopper2407 on Nov 08, 2017
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Books | Build Money Saving Diy Skills, Create A Unique Hom
How to be Handy [hairy bottom not required] -
Relearn how you look at the world; to see it through ‘practical eyes’. Learn how to think like a handy person and deconstruct the physical world around you. Learn to copy how handy people work, learning ‘just enough’ each time to finish the job.
  Aug 2017, UK
Posted by handycrowd on Oct 31, 2017
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Books | Self Help
Fall Asleep in 60 Seconds -
This book has a simple, complete, drug-free approach to relaxing and falling asleep:
* first, we create an ideal external environment.
* second, we a perfect internal, mental environment.
* third, we help you move quickly from one to the other.
  Free on amazon for 5 days.  -  starts Sep 21, 2017; ends Sep 25, 2017, UK
Posted by Chasman on Sep 25, 2017
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Books | Paranormal
The 13 Reincarnations of Luke Arthur -
The mind-wipe lasted only five years before luke arthur’s disturbed childhood memories of past lives came flooding back. As more of his ancestor’s lives returned to him, a voice cajoled him to go further... And that’s when the trouble started.
  Free ebook - on amazon kindle  -  starts Aug 03, 2017; ends Aug 07, 2017, UK
Posted by Cliveo on Jul 28, 2017
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Books | Easy To Read Psychological Thriller You'll Struggl
Naked Truths -
Handsome stranger or dark secrets... How would you know?
Lucy, ignores her strict policy on mixing business and pleasure when dapper widower, giles harrington saunters into her therapy room. Sparks fly; but is he as perfect as he seems? ...
  May 2017, UK
Posted by KarenBothaAuthor on Jul 19, 2017
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Books | Children's Picture Book
Jay-Jay and His Island Adventure -
A second story about a playbus which takes fun and laughter to the children visiting them wherever they are find out what happens when jay-jay is invited to visit some children on a tiny ...
  A free 3d bus to make with books purchased  -  starts Jul 08, 2017; ends Oct 31, 2017, UK
Posted by Sue Wickstead on Jun 25, 2017
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Books | Daniel Henshaw's Debut Novel
The Great Snail Robbery -
Jeremy green is convinced that buying a new family pet will save his parents' marriage. But after all of his money is stolen, everything seems to be standing in his way. If only he could take the giant african land snails home from school...
  Jun 2017, UK
Posted by mrdhenshaw on Jun 24, 2017
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Books | Contemporary Women's Fiction
So, Is it Me You're Looking For? -
Leila is a young londoner working in television with a strict new year plan to find her father as well as a new boyfriend. On her search she meets some outrageous characters, brushes with celebrity and finds out that sometimes the things you ...
  Kindle book available for free.  -  starts Jun 02, 2017; ends Jun 03, 2017, UK
Posted by Jenni Regan on Jun 03, 2017
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Books | Humour
Moristoun -
Moristoun is a black comedy about an island scottish people are sent to in the afterlife after dying by suicide. It explores what happens when a mortal is taken there and slowly discovers the reality of this warped ...
  Now available for just £3.50 on kindle  -  starts May 24, 2017; ends Jun 24, 2017, UK
Posted by kevinmcallion on May 24, 2017
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Books | Fantasy
Toric's Dagger -
Toric's dagger is just another religious relic, until it's stolen. Belwynn and her twin brother, soren, volunteer to lead a team tasked with its retrieval. Drawn into a world of danger and treachery, they must rely on soren's magical ...
  May 27, 2017, UK
Posted by TennisElbow on May 04, 2017
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Books | Fiction
How to Kidnap a String Quartet -
Stephen ross' life unravels after a humiliating incident goes viral and several old skeletons begin to emerge from his not so ordinary past. punk rock, cultists, a one night stand and a missing princess, punctuate this wacky debut novel.
  Absolutely free for two days only  -  starts May 01, 2017; ends May 02, 2017, UK
Posted by simonlyons on May 02, 2017
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Books | Fantasy Romance
Vintrig's Kingdom -
When a lie is tempered with enough truth, it's hard not to trust the liar, particularly if you don't realise they're lying...
  Vintrig's kingdom reduced to just 99c between 18th march 2017 and 26th march 2017  -  starts Mar 18, 2017; ends Mar 26, 2017, UK
Posted by Freya Pickard on Mar 15, 2017
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Books | Fiction
Static: Collected Stories -
Two criminals, both with something to hide. A teenage girl fighting for survival in a flooded world. A stage actor, transported to magical woodland. A woman on the run from a demon. You will meet all these characters and more in static.
  Feb 2017, UK
Posted by Fox990 on Feb 21, 2017
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Just A Number -
On the morning of valentine's day, thirty-six year old divorcee martin lewis receives a letter, suddenly, his mind is transported back to the past and memories emerge that he would rather forget.
Posted by carlagodfrey on Feb 17, 2017
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Books | A Vision On Singing Associated To Yoga
Our Voice Has Body -
Through this method i was able to integrate singing with yoga and, at the same time, with rhythm.
  ?through this method i was able to integrate singing with yoga and, at the same time, with rhythm.  -  starts Feb 13, 2017; ends Feb 18, 2017, UK
Posted by Mariana Masetto on Feb 15, 2017
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Books | Irish Historical Romance
Brotherly Love -
Take a trip back in time to 1830s ireland.
  Only 99cents or 99p until monday, 6th february 2017.  -  starts Feb 01, 2017; ends Feb 06, 2017, UK
Posted by LornaPeel on Feb 02, 2017
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